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Celine Certified

Celine Certified

  1. Celine has an MBA in finance and is now a certified RStudio instructor working for a full service solution provider. She spends her time developing new training material in airports and delivering them between flights.

  2. R is the only language Celine has ever learned well, but she has learned it very well. She is proficient with a variety of packages for modeling and time series analysis, and knows more than any sane person should about extracting data from Excel. She regularly contributes small fixes to a dozen of the packages she teaches most often, and tries to answer one Stack Overflow question every working day.

  3. Celine is always interested in seeing other people’s teaching material, but what she appreciates most is up-to-date examples she can recycle and build her own lessons around.

  4. Celine is sometimes frustrated by how little developers think about the learnability or usability of their packages, and wishes she had more control over what she’s going to be asked to teach.


Celine needs vignettes, worked examples, and cookbooks that she can mine to create training to meet her audience’s needs. She would also like pointers to material on better teaching practices.

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