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M'shelle Manager

M'shelle Manager

  1. A programmer who moved into customer support and then into product management, M’shelle is now in charge of a ten-person analytics group. She is responsible for getting her team trained and purchasing the tools they need to do their work.

  2. M’shelle thinks in Java; she used base R to develop models and generate reports several years ago, but was promoted before the tidyverse became popular.

  3. M’shelle wants to improve her team’s processes, particularly around packaging code and making work more reproducible. The new VP of engineering has also asked her to turn everything into a web service. While all of this is going on, she needs to decide how much budget she needs for new software that she will personally never use.

  4. M’shelle has to work within a strict training budget, and it can sometimes take months to get approval for off-site training (and even longer for on-site).


M’shelle needs tutorials, reference material, and how-to guides for everything that isn’t data science, including testing, packaging, and Shiny. (Her team is satisfied with the existing tutorials on data manipulation and modeling.)

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