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Toshi Techsupport

Toshi Techsupport

  1. Toshi does internal tech support in a company with 500 staff. While others on his team take care of resetting passwords, he debugs setup issues and figures out why the dashboard is displaying nonsense. (It’s usually something to do with date formatting.) He often winds up writing bits of code from Stack Overflow to glue things together.

  2. Toshi speaks Perl, Python, and JavaScript, but hardly any R. He switches back and forth between Linux, Windows, and Mac every day. He often finds himself running hour-long internal training seminars, and would now like to learn some data science to support his users and out of personal interest. He wishes people would take a few hours and learn more about the software they’re using, but in practice, he often only has a 30-minute call in which to diagnose the problem and explain a solution.

  3. A growing number of analysts inside Toshi’s company use R Markdown to prepare parameterized reports. Some are also using flexdashboard and Shiny, so he would like to learn enough about them to be useful.

  4. Toshi lives in Hawaii, so most of his work is done remotely.


Toshi needs examples and reference material for himself that he can paraphrase for the people he is supporting—he knows most of what they cover, but needs something bite-sized for others to consume. He also needs tutorials he can remix for hour-long internal training webinars.

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