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Katrin Keener

Katrin Keener

  1. Katrin did a Master’s in neuropsychology and a 12-week bootcamp with Insight Data Science before getting a job analyzing logistics for a health care services company. She has a wide range of interests and loves learning new things.

  2. Katrin uses R, Python, and SQL daily, and recently talked one of the IT staff into teaching her Docker. She has done several online mini-courses in machine learning.

  3. Katrin wants to level up her understanding of just about everything. She needs cookbooks and worked examples to show her how to accomplish specific tasks or to fill in specific gaps in her knowledge.

  4. While she is enjoying her new job, Katrin misses the camaraderie of grad school and her Insight fellowship: she prefers learning with others to studying on her own. She recently found out about R-Ladies and has enjoyed the two meetups she has been to.


Katrin wants workshops (as an opportunity to meet people) and self-paced lessons (so that she can learn new things on her own). She has a complete set of cheatsheets taped up on her wall, but usually checks Stack Overflow before looking at reference manuals.

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