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Jacqui Ofalltrades

Jacqui Ofalltrades

  1. Jacqui works for a three-person consulting company that does everything from training to installation and administration to building dashboards for clients. She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese as well as English, and much of her business is with Latin American firms.

  2. Jacqui has been using Python and Pandas for several years, and just finished working through R for Data Science for the second time in preparation for teaching the tidyverse. She has built a couple of Shiny dashboards for clients, and hopes to get a package accepted by CRAN some day.

  3. Jacqui wants updates on what’s new in RStudio products and related data science packages and tools, and advanced guides for making Shiny faster, integrated with no-SQL databases, and other high-value topics. She finds most self-paced tutorials frustrating because they’re answering questions she doesn’t have today.

  4. Jacqui believes that time is money: every minute she spends learning something new has to pay off sooner rather than later.


Jacqui wants how-to guides and reference material for her day-to-day work, webinars to give her a sense of where the industry is going, and short, intensive online training for very specific topics.

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